February 2017

The Folk Train is sponsored by The Rambler Country Hotel, Edale, High Peak and Hope Valley Community Rail Partnership (HPHVCRP), and Northern Rail. Performers are organised by Gerry Bates of The South Riding Folk Arts Network.
The Folk Train runs on the fourth Tuesday of each month (not necessarily the last Tuesday!), departing from Sheffield (platform 5A, south end - please do check!) at 1914 (7:14pm) and returning on the 2129 (9:29pm) from Edale.

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Last month - Dogwood Rose

Dogwood Rose are now appearing regularly on the Folk Train in January and have encouraged more attendance than used to be the case earlier in that month. Those who attended enjoyed really entertaining vocal and instrumental performances from Mike, Judy and Kiri and it was especially impressive with the PA system they had brought to The Rambler, making it possible for the audience members in the other rooms of the pub to be able to appreciate the performances.

Like a year ago, Dogwood Rose again encouraged the attendance of  an audience more substantial than in previous Januarys.
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The next outing is on 28 February with Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart have now made several appearances for us, having made their first on the Folk Train in October 2014, at that time for the highly acclaimed purpose of standing in at short notice for another band which had to withdraw from taking part at the last minute.

We were very grateful, not only for their offer to take over at such short notice, but also for what continues to be the magnificent and stirring qualities of their performance. Again we can expect a most outstanding evening of vocal and instrumental presentations, with guitar, bass, banjo, ukeleles, flute, whistle and percussion. Members of the band have previously expressed their pleasure for a great night playing on the Folk Train which no doubt encouraged them to continue making requests for the chance of further appearances.

Find out more on Chris McShane's website.

Folk Train guidelines:-

Revenue Protection
On occasion Northern Rail's revenue protection team has made a platform ticket check, so bear in mind these simple guidelines:
  • Don't come at the last minute
  • Buy your ticket at the ticket office - or in advance from Northern Rail.

********* Folk Train Etiquette *********
During performances – on the train or in the pub
  • please refrain from talking loudly – it spoils the enjoyment of others
  • in the pub, try to limit your trips to the bar, etc, to the intervals between musical items.


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See you on the Folk Train

Gerry Bates
14 February 2017